Back To School- Tips For School Success

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Going back to school after a long summer break can be stressful for everyone! Granite Bay Speech is here to help you say “GOODBYE” to those lazy summer days, and “HELLO” to juggling homework, music lessons, sports, and social lives. Create a smooth transition to school with our tips and resources. This is part 2 of our BACK TO SCHOOL blog series. If you missed part 1, read it on our Facebook page ( or on our website (!

Establish a consistent location at home for backpacks and homework.

Make sure backpacks are filled with essentials and leave it in an obvious place the night before school. Develop a routine for after school activities and homework. Create written checklists to avoid miscommunication. Post daily or weekly schedules using a different color for each child. Use write on wipe off boards for items that change frequently. Hang small white boards to door handles or use Velcro to post at eye level to create a “can’t miss it” reminder.

Agree on a homework schedule.

Establish a set time frame for children to do their homework. Use a timer to set expectations.  Allow your child to sit in a chair, beanbag, or on their bed, as long as they are able to work successfully! Children are individuals and need individual accommodations. Our oldest daughter worked best sitting in her bean bag while listening to music. Our second daughter sat at a desk and preferred her room to be completely quiet and free of distractions; she often used earplugs to help her concentrate. Children need to learn how they learn best and by providing choices we encouraged them to respect their individual needs. Children also need physical breaks to release energy and get the blood flowing! Set a timer and encourage your child to stretch, run or do a crazy dance every 10-20 minutes to maintain maximum attention. Use more frequent breaks if your child is tired. Adjust the time based on age and personality.

Eat protein rather than carbs/sugar.

Avoid the sugar rush and help your child pay attention all morning by providing protein for breakfast. Add proteins to your child’s lunches and snacks; protein provides consistent energy versus carbohydrate and sugar snacks. Here are a few of our favorite snack ideas: Trail mix, slices of turkey and cheese rolled up, beef jerky or carrots with hummus.

Support learning and reduce stress with visual aids and free help from Granite Bay Speech

Use reference cards or reminders to follow the step by step process for completing a task, (“first do __then do__”).  Use Diagrams, Tables and Checklists to break complex tasks into less stressful activities.

Do you need a few tips or want to chat about developmental concerns? Do you need help obtaining therapy services from your school or medical health plan? Call us. We offer free phone consultations for your educational and medical concerns. Individual and group therapy is available at convenient hours.

Visit our wonderful website to access tons of free handouts and visual supports! We have spent hundreds of hours designing our website with you in mind! Why spend time going from site to site when we have it all organized for you?

Have a wonderful school year and know we are always just a phone call away to chat with you!

American Family Day, August 6th 2017

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American Family Day Final

The first Sunday in August was established in 1977 as American Family Day. This day was created as a day for encouraging families to spend time with one another.  We have compiled a list of fun activities for you and your family to enjoy together!

Enjoy some free activities outdoors with a backyard BBQ and campout, find a shady tree and have a picnic in the park, or adventure around Folsom Lake by bike or boat.

Hoping to beat the heat? Try some fun indoor activities! Cook a meal together as a family, go bowling, watch a movie, try ice skating, laser tag, or Sky High!

Below is a list of other activities going on in Roseville for the month of August

August 10– Food Truck Mania 5-9pm

August 18– Friday Flicks (Star Wars – Rogue One) 8pm

August 19– Food Truck Cinema (Toy Story) 9:30pm

August 22– Sensory Storytime 11-11:30am

More details can be found at:

Post on social media using #AmericanFamilyDay to encourage others to join in the fun! Tag us @GraniteBaySpeech to let us know what you are up to!

Making The Transition Back To School

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The stores are all ready for back to school… are you? As the start of school draws near, and back to school commercials frequent your television, it’s time to develop your new back to school game plan. Lazy summer days are gone, and juggling homework, music lessons, sports, and social lives are back. At Granite Bay Speech, we want to help you make the transition back to school and provide you with some tips on how to ensure the start of a great school year.

Add contact information for the school office and teachers to your smart phone and computer.

Before the first day of school check your school’s website or call the office for any important information. Obtain back-to-school checklists, important phone numbers, and e-mails such as the principal’s office number, the nurse’s office, and their teacher.

Establish school bedtime and morning routines one week before school starts.

Start a consistent routine of going to bed and waking up at the same time every day a week before schools starts. Sleep is essential for learning and you don’t want your children snoozing at their desk!

Calm the nerves.

If your child is nervous about starting a new school year, remind them that the other students are nervous too. Remind them about their favorite school subjects or activities; friends, lunch and recess always seem to be at the top of most students’ lists! If your child is starting a new school, try to attend all orientations available. If you are new to the area, walk around the school campus to help your child become familiar with the location of the bathrooms, the office and their classroom. If your child is nervous, volunteer to help his or her teacher decorate the room before the first day of school. Your teacher will appreciate it! In addition, Back to School nights are a great way for you to learn more about how you can support your child at home.

Another great way to calm the nerves and help your child prepare to go back to school is to read some books. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • It’s Time for School, Stinky Face by Lisa McCourt
  • Ramona the Pest by Beverly Cleary
  • The Night Before Kindergarten and The Night Before 1st Grade by Natasha Wing
  • First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg
  • Berenstain Bears Go to School by Jan Berenstain


Be on the lookout for our next blog which shares more tips and tricks for establishing helpful habits for back to school success!


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FluencyCoach™ is a free app created to help improve fluency for individuals who stutter or clutter using delayed auditory feedback (DAF) and frequency altered feedback (FAF). FluencyCoach™ was originally accessible using only Apple products; however, after years of testing and software development a new design has been released allowing Android and Apple users to experience the potential benefits of FluencyCoach™ on stuttering.


Learn more about how to improve fluency using therapy techniques and apps, by calling Granite Bay Speech. Schedule a free phone consultation with our director and owner, Nancy Barcal. Nancy is a licensed Speech Language Pathologist and longtime volunteer for the National Stuttering Association (NSA). For over 35 years, Nancy has helped thousands of individuals achieve better fluency. Nancy will provide you with options to achieve better fluency using proven research based techniques and technology. Stuttering can be improved at any age. Call today and don’t miss this opportunity to reduce frustration and improve your fluency.

teens talking

Contact Granite Bay Speech Today!

Phone: (916) 797-3307



2530 Douglas Blvd. Suite 110

Roseville, CA 95661

Promote language skills in toddlers using fun Bluebee Pals!

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What is cute, educational, and a great model for your child? A Bluebee Pal! Bluebee Pals are an easy to use Bluetooth stuffed animal that connects to your devices. At Granite Bay Speech, we understand that every child has a preferred mode of learning. Some children prefer learning visually, verbally, or physically. When our therapists use a Bluebee Pal, your child will be stimulated visually, verbally and physically. Visually, and verbally your child will watch and hear multiple models of their targeted goal through the therapist and the Bluebee Pal. Our Bluebee Pal is soft and durable, perfect for your ‘hands on’ learner! Your child is encouraged to be hands on with this therapy tool. Studies have shown that children have a higher success rate for imitation when given multiple models. We connect our Bluebee Pal to cutting-edge speech-language therapy applications providing an attention-grabbing model in conjunction with therapist models. At Granite Bay Speech, we promote communication skills using the most effective therapy techniques and technology! Call us to learn more about all the exciting methods and tools available for you to use with your child!


SpeechEasy Season of Giving

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Season of Giving Offer- Limited Time! Get $750 off the two most popular SpeechEasy models
November 1, 2016 – January 31, 2017

To help make the holidays a lot brighter, SpeechEasy has made their two most popular models of SpeechEasy more affordable. During this special time of year get $750 off the SpeechEasy Comfort Fit or CIC models. This is a limited time offer. If the Comfort Fit or CIC isn’t the right option for you, you’ll be glad to know that our most economical models, the ITC and BTE, are discounted $250 during this promotional period as well. Remember, these offers are good for SpeechEasy devices purchased between Nov. 1, 2016 and Jan. 31, 2017.

Get started now because our appointments at Granite Bay Speech fill up quickly during this time of year. Contact us soon!

Season of Giving evaluation rebate offer-Limited Time!
In addition to the product discount during the Season of Giving, SpeechEasy is offering a $250 evaluation rebate during this promotional period. The rebate is valid for evaluations by Granite Bay Speech between the dates of November 1, 2016 and January 31, 2017 only. To receive your rebate, simply request an appointment or information packet through and the rebate form will be mailed or emailed to you. This offer ends January 31, 2017. Rebate forms for this amount will be unavailable after that date.

Military Discount

Active duty US Military personnel are eligible for our special military discount.


CONTACT US TODAY! Call us at 916-797-3307

SpeechEasyPD Presentations

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Nancy Barcal will be sharing information about the SpeechEasyPD device at the meetings of Parkinsons groups in Roseville and El Dorado Hills this September. She will present tips for communication, demonstrate useful apps, and share information about the science behind the SpeechEasyPD device.

Presentation Dates:

Parkinsons group in Roseville: 9/6 1:30-3pm
-Location: Maidu Community Center- 1550 Maidu Dr., Roseville 95661

Parkinsons group in El Dorado Hills: 9/13 12-2pm
-Location: 3186 Four Seasons Dr., El Dorado Hills 95762

Please spread the news to all that may be interested, this is a useful device that can be very beneficial for those with Parkinsons looking to improve their speech. Hope to see you there!

Parkinson’s and SpeechEasyPD

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SpeechEasyPD and Parkinson’s Speech

The value of being able to communicate with others is paramount in our daily lives. Having the ability to express your wants, needs and thoughts clearly can often be taken for granted. If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease the ability to communicate effectively may no longer be an option. SpeechEasy can help. Nancy Barcal is a Certified SpeechEasy Preferred Provider and has been working with SpeechEasy for over 10 years.  She enjoys assisting clients with Parkinson’s in taking control of their speech and gaining back more of their freedom to communicate.

Since Parkinson’s is a chronic and progressive disease, symptoms will change over time and present differently in everyone. Primary symptoms may include tremor, slowness of movement and rigidity, yet Parkinson’s can also have a profoundly adverse effect on a person’s speech and voice – thereby inhibiting their ability to communicate freely.

When a person’s speech is affected by Parkinson’s they may notice a decrease in their loudness, and decreased intelligibility. Their speech rate may increase and communication may become more difficult. Caregivers and friends may struggle to understand Parkinson’s speech patterns and frustration levels can rise for everyone.  If you or a loved one has Parkinson’s and your speech is affected contact Nancy to see if SpeechEasyPD might alleviate some frustration.

SpeechEasy is offering two discount programs which expire June 30, 2016!
$500 Discount on SpeechEasyPD Comfort Fit model: Let’s Talk Fluency
The Let’s Talk Fluency offer began March 12, 2016. During this promotion, SpeechEasyPD Comfort Fit models are reduced in price $500. Comfort Fit is the model preferred by over 80% of the SpeechEasyPD clients. The 0% financing option is also available during this special offer period. No coupon or special form is necessary in order to qualify for the savings.

$150 SpeechEasyPD evaluation rebate!
Beginning March 1, 2016, SpeechEasyPD has offered a $150 rebate for all SpeechEasyPD evaluations. The rebate is valid for evaluations by all SpeechEasyPD Providers, including Nancy Barcal at Granite Bay Speech. To receive your rebate, simply request an appointment or information packet through and the rebate form will be mailed or emailed to you.

An evaluation normally takes two to three hours. Once you have completed your initial evaluation and paid your SpeechEasyPD Provider for the evaluation, simply send a copy of your receipt along with the completed evaluation rebate form to SpeechEasyPD and they will mail you a rebate check up to $150 off the amount you paid.

Smart Palate

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SmartPalate System

 kim giana smart palate

At Granite Bay Speech, we provide our clients with the most advanced technology in speech therapy!

The SmartPalate System shows the students exactly where their tongue is supposed to touch their palate when producing different speech sounds. This biofeedback system consists of a customized acrylic mouthpiece with sensors that capture tongue-to-palate contact (the SmartPalate) and a software program.  Immediate feedback is provided to all users matching their tongue placement to the articulation patterns for their target sounds. These “tongue targets” allow speech therapy students to quickly produce sounds they have previously struggled with by simply positioning their tongue to light up the corresponding contact points for that sound. The SmartPalate assists the student to repeat sounds accurately time and time again with instant feedback that empowers the students to make even the most fine-tune adjustments on their own.

The SmartPalate quickly corrects articulation errors where the tongue makes contact with the roof of the mouth. These sounds include the most commonly treated sounds:  /r, s, l, sh, ch, k/ and among others.

The SmartPalate technology has been successfully used with many populations including individuals with oral motor disorders, phonological disorders, cleft palate, Down syndrome, Apraxia, Dysarthria, and speech disorders caused by stroke or traumatic brain injuries.

Contact us for more information at 916.797.3307 or



Improve Your Child’s Spelling!

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spell better app

Tired of seeing your child get frustrated when trying to spell? 

The “Spell Better” app is designed to help reluctant and struggling spellers get started on their journey of story telling and writing. Over time the app will not only help improve your child’s confidence, but also will  improve communication skills, grammar and spelling. The app offers a dyslexic and phonetic spell checker. It includes an option for word prediction as well as auto completion. There is even an integrated English dictionary, word highlighting and text-to speech capabilities. If that isn’t enough, Spell Better also allows the user to insert picture and rich text formatting.

A close friend of Granite Bay Speech says, “My brother has high functioning autism, and recently bought an i-Pad. His written expression has always been very limited. The i-Pad has given him for the first time in his life a desire to want to write! He (I must give him full credit as he discovered it first!) found an app called Spell Better. It has a lite version, and the full version is only $19.99. It’s similar to the full keyboard with word predictor that Proloquo2go has, with a few things that I actually like better. All of the letters and fonts are larger-sized, and fewer word choices pop up, so that word-selection is easier to make.   After the word is typed or selected, the individual can also hear the word being spoken. You can transfer the text to a document or email. My brother loves it!!


As well as common spelling errors, Spell Better will also help with…

  • Phonetic spelling erorrs (preshiusprecious, peturspictures)
  • Real-word spelling errors (peace → piece).
  • Word boundary errors (verynicevery nice)
  • Letter reversal and transposal
  • Skipped and repeated letters (probleyprobably)
  • Homophone substitutions
  • Missing or substituted vowels (“Ths is rly amzng” → “This is really amazing”)
  • Incorrectly conjugated irregular verbs (throwedthrew).

Spell Better will take this sentence:

I throwed the dall to my cuzin and wnt imside to ahve a peace ofcake.

And correct it to:

I threw the ball to my cousin and went inside to have a piece of cake.

Spell Better is FREE TO TRY! You can explore all core features including the word prediction, spell correction, and even text-to-speech in the free version. However, you need to upgrade in order to export your documents from Spell Better and to create new notes and save or delete older ones.

Benefits of upgrading to Spell Better Premium: $19.99

  • Ability to create new notes (a “+” button will appear at the top right).
  • Ability to export your notes by Email, PDF, printing, copying, Messages, opening in other apps (e.g. Pages), and more.
  • Priority Support.

The Spell Better app is one of many we recommend at Granite Bay Speech. For a complete listing of the apps we endorse, grouped by functional category, please see our website at :

If you have any speech, language, learning, communication or dyslexia related question, please feel free to contact us.

We are here to help!

© 2016 Granite Bay Speech.