Social Language Groups

Granite Bay Speech offers year-round classes to improve social language skills. Our groups target skills that improve an individual’s ability to make friends and participate in educational and vocational activities.

Individuals are grouped by similar ages and needs. We meet with each individual prior to enrollment to select group members. A person’s age alone does not always determine the best placement. Some individuals acquire social skills quickly while others need additional practice to feel comfortable conversing in groups.

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Social Language Groups

Let’s Play! Ages 3 to 5

– Developing interactive play skills (joining in play, turn-taking, sharing, problem solving, making friends) – Using self-regulation skills (following rules, dealing with changes)

Superthinkers! Ages 6 to 9

Let’s Play activities plus the following: – Social Communication (eye contact, body language, turn-taking, personal space) – Thinking about thinking (learning about one’s own thought processes) – Flexible Thinking (solving problems, controlling own feelings and actions) – Coping with problems, change, and challenges

Superthinkers Plus! Ages 10 to 12

Superthinkers! activities plus the following: – Additional Flexible Thinking (changing ideas and focus, putting problems in perspective, seeing the big picture, making good choices) – Considering the perspective of others, (their wants and needs and feelings) – Knowing what is expected in different situations

Social Club Ages 13 to 15

Superthinkers Plus! activities plus the following: – Adjusting language and behavior to a situation – Understanding idioms, metaphors, and similes

Speaking for Success-Interviewing Skills Ages 16 to 18

 Social Club activities plus the following: – Adjusting language and behavior to an interview situation – Understanding verbal and nonverbal rules when speaking to an authority figure

Social Language Groups