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At Granite Bay Speech, we offer individual and group classes to improve social language skills. Skills are taught utilizing the latest research based techniques. Fun, interactive play and discussion create a safe, nurturing environment to grow social skills. We create a personalized program just for you!

Individual Therapy

“At Granite Bay Speech, we offer individual classes to improve social language skills. Skills are taught utilizing the latest research based techniques. Fun, interactive play and discussion create a safe, nurturing environment to grow skills. We create a personalized program just for you!”

Group Therapy

At Granite Bay Speech we offer customized solutions for social skills at any age. We offer classes for adults, as well as youth. Perhaps you prefer individual lessons or a customized group; we can help! Let’s work together to create a program that’s right for you! Call us today!

Some classes we offer with Group Therapy

I am a forty-year-old speech-language pathologist who stutters. I have tried every therapy! Some examples are: Cafet, Precision Fluency program, Northwestern University's approach, and Hollins Fluency program. All of these therapies worked to some degree and for a certain amount of time. I have an advantage because of my career. However, no matter how hard I worked the therapies, they were not an acceptable percentage of fluency for my standards. To be precise, nothing has had such as impact on my life as the SpeechEasy. I could go on and on, but for efficiency I will list the ways. My entire feeling about communication in general has drastically improved My self-esteem regarding my ability to communicate has improved greatly. I use to dread the phone terribly. Now I am able to make phone calls I never thought would be possible. Because of my SpeechEasy, I actually enjoy using the phone.

My eye contact when talking is so much better I am overall more calm inside.This is a difficult one to explain so I will do my best. When using the SpeechEasy, I feel like the transmission from the brain to the speech muscles are on a smooth tract which causes me to feel calm. I feel this even if I experience some stuttering behavior. Without the SpeechEasy I feel like the "connections are constantly going over bumps and getting lost."

Renee S., 40, Speech Pathologist

I take a 3 hour drive to see Nancy Barcal because after meeting with many Speech Therapists during my lifetime there is no one more qualified in the subject of stuttering than Nancy Barcal. I would drive 20 hours to see Nancy that's how certain I am that she is the person who will help me the best. Nancy understands stuttering more than anyone I have ever met. I am very lucky to have met her. She treats me like a person not just a client and that means a lot to me. Her passion and compassion is evident in the way she works with you. Knowing I have Nancy at my side is all the confidence I need to know that if and when my fluency starts to deteriorate she is the just the person to get me back on track so that I can use the techniques necessary to be more in control of my speech.

Noel Ahedo, Nurse

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