Voice Therapy

How do Granite Bay Speech therapists help individuals with vocal concerns?

We support healthy vocal skills for individuals of all ages. Our licensed therapists work with your medical doctor as well as vocal coaches to alleviate voice disorders through individualized programs. Your doctor may advise you to have surgery and/or receive voice therapy. Vocal nodules (callous-like formations) may go away or be reduced in size through voice therapy alone.

What will I learn in therapy?

In therapy, you’ll learn techniques to relax your vocal cords, breathe efficiently, and keep your cords hydrated. We diagnose the best pitch range for you and design an individualized program to achieve your goals. Clients are taught how to speak efficiently so they can use their voice all day without fading or cracking. Coaches and teachers are taught how to yell and talk in loud environments without damaging their vocal cords.

How long does voice therapy last?

Every person’s situation is different; one person may just need a few techniques which may be taught within their first session; more complicated medical cases may involve months or years of treatment. We are with you every step of the way. We work with you until you achieve your goals. Typically, about eight to twelve sessions are needed to treat a mild to moderate voice disorder.