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At Granite Bay Speech, we offer individual and group classes to improve social language skills. Skills are taught utilizing the latest research based techniques. Fun, interactive play and discussion create a safe, nurturing environment to grow social skills. We create a personalized program just for you!

Social Skills Solutions

Not sure what to say during conversations at work or school? Not good at small talk? Can’t seem to connect emotionally to others? Do you unintentionally hurt others feelings with blunt expressions?

Conversational skills may be improved at any age. Many engineers, doctors and highly intelligent individuals understand relationships between numbers and develop solutions to complex problems. Conversational skills follow a similar pattern. Once patterns of conversation are understood, then skills improve. There are solutions to every equation. Let’s work together to take the mystery out of social language!

At Granite Bay Speech we offer customized solutions for social skills at any age. You may choose individual lessons or a customized group. Let’s work together to create a program that’s right for you!

Social Skills Groups

  • Let’s Play! Ages 3 to 5

    • Students in the “Let’s Play!” group, ages 3 to 5, learn to socialize with their peers using toys and games. Class goals include how to: share, take turns, ask for help, control frustration and have fun with others.
  • Superthinkers! Ages 6 to 9

    • The “Superthinkers!” groups of 2 to 5 students will learn to interact appropriately and effectively with peers through games and role playing. We will use techniques which focus on the rules of social communication, thinking about thinking (metacognition), flexible thinking, coping skills, and understanding feelings.
  • Superthinkers Plus! Ages 10 to 12

    • “Superthinkers Plus!” consists of groups of 2 to 5 students engaging in interactive games and role playing. Goals include social communication rules, thinking about thinking (metacognition), flexible thinking, perspective taking, and understanding social expectations.
  • Social Club! Ages 13 to 15

    • The “Social Club” groups, consisting of 2 to 5 children, will learn to interact more effectively with both peers and adults. Students engage in group discussions and role playing to focus on social language rules, flexible thinking, adjusting behavior to each situation, and understanding idioms.
  • Speaking for Success! Ages 16 to 18

    • In our “Speaking for Success” group, students are taught how to interact more effectively with adults, teachers and employers. Goals are individualized and may include: college entrance interviews, employment interviews, advocacy skills and politely refusing and accepting invitations. Students may choose to be videotaped for self-analysis and skill review at home.

Superhero Theme Social Skills Groups

  • Justice League: ages 6-9 years

    • Goals: social rules, conversation starters, facial expressions, turn-taking, understanding feelings, body language, personal space, manners, non-verbal skills, understanding expressions, humor and sarcasm.
  • Avengers: ages 10-15 years

    • Goals: conversation starters, friendship building, body language, facial expressions, repairing communication breakdowns, manners, humor and sarcasm, social rules, and personal space.

Superhero Themed Social Skills Group

Check out the Justice League and The Avengers!

Social Skills Squad

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