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Business Communication

Business success depends in large part on your professional image. A strong command of vocabulary, voice, and nonverbal communication influence the way others perceive your competence. Your communication style is strongest when you combine your authentic self with a high degree of skill development. 

Why receive business coaching?

Despite an excellent education and high intelligence, have you ever considered coaching to improve the delivery of your message? Most individuals experience some fear when speaking and this is revealed when we speak too fast, use a weak voice, don’t pause often enough, and use unclear speech sounds. These skills can be mastered in only a few sessions of instruction.

How can coaching for business communication help?

• Targeted goals based on individual objectives
• Identification of obstacles and a plan to work around them
• Better visibility within your team and/or company
• The ability to speak with professional intonation that enhances leadership
• Crisp articulation and diction with controlled melody
• Speech within your optimal pitch range with lower and stronger vocal tones
• Speech from a diaphragmatic breath that will enhance comfort and improve voice • projection
• Use of cognitive strategies to build confidence and minimize fear of leading or risk taking
• The ability to inspire and support employees to reach their potential
• Good leadership skills that will improve productivity for yourself and your team

Customized solutions to your needs.

Granite Bay Speech’s services are customized to each client’s needs depending on their skills, vocabulary and workplace communication needs. Whether you are a business professional, teacher, construction worker, student, administrator, in the medical field, salesperson or anything else that requires communicating with others, we can help you. If you need help with lecturing, interviewing, speaking in group settings or with individuals, we can help refine your skills.

Joking businessman and coworkers

Do you want to take your communication skills to the next level? Give us a call and see how Granite Bay Speech can improve your professional life!

Everyone is so helpful. The best and most caring people you can meet. They make you feel important and will work around your schedule and making appointments are easy.

Noel A,

Nancy Barcal is a very compassionate and personable care provider who tries to understand the specific individual needs of each of her patients. I have noticed a significant degree of improvement in several of my problem areas following almost every session, starting with the first one. If you're looking for a clear treatment plan with measurable results, I would recommend giving Granite Bay Speech a try.

David K.