I highly recommend Nancy Barcal at Granite Bay Speech Clinic, located in Roseville California. I attend monthly meetings held by the National Stuttering Association, (NSA) where I first met and often see Nancy. She is very helpful and uplifting and I often leave sessions feeling better than I did when I arrived. It's easy to tell that Nancy has a passion for her work and I recommend her to anybody who is looking to improve their speech fluency.

Mike Pieri. Age 20, Folsom CA.

I am a forty-year-old speech-language pathologist who stutters. I have tried every therapy! Some examples are: Cafet, Precision Fluency program, Northwestern University's approach, and Hollins Fluency program. All of these therapies worked to some degree and for a certain amount of time. I have an advantage because of my career. However, no matter how hard I worked the therapies, they were not an acceptable percentage of fluency for my standards. To be precise, nothing has had such as impact on my life as the SpeechEasy. I could go on and on, but for efficiency I will list the ways.

My entire feeling about communication in general has drastically improved.

My self-esteem regarding my ability to communicate has improved greatly.

I use to dread the phone terribly. Now I am able to make phone calls I never thought would be possible. Because of my SpeechEasy, I actually enjoy using the phone.

My eye contact when talking is so much better.

I am overall more calm inside.

This is a difficult one to explain so I will do my best. When using the SpeechEasy, I feel like the transmission from the brain to the speech muscles are on a smooth tract which causes me to feel calm. I feel this even if I experience some stuttering behavior. Without the SpeechEasy I feel like the "connections are constantly going over bumps and getting lost."

Renee S., 40, Speech Pathologist User for 10 mos., Plainfield, IL

I take a 3 hour drive to see Nancy Barcal because after meeting with many Speech Therapists during my lifetime there is no one more qualified in the subject of stuttering than Nancy Barcal. I would drive 20 hours to see Nancy that's how certain I am that she is the person who will help me the best. Nancy understands stuttering more than anyone I have ever met. I am very lucky to have met her. She treats me like a person not just a client and that means a lot to me. Her passion and compassion is evident in the way she works with you. Knowing I have Nancy at my side is all the confidence I need to know that if and when my fluency starts to deteriorate she is the just the person to get me back on track so that I can use the techniques necessary to be more in control of my speech.

Noel Ahedo

Nancy and her staff always go above and beyond to help clients achieve their speech and language goals in the shortest time possible!

Many of the students I see for occupational therapy also need speech and language assistance. Unfortunately, many of the students only qualify for 15 minutes of school speech each week and the parents receive little to no instruction. How can the child even remember their speech goals when such little time is spent with a professional? We wouldn't expect a child to learn their multiplication tables by only practicing 15 minutes per week! No wonder these children are stuck in therapy for years!

It’s so refreshing when families finally decide to see Nancy; their child often finishes therapy in a few short months! Their child isn't pulled from academic work to attend speech therapy at school and more importantly, their child feels more confident communicating!

I highly recommend if parents want effective and appropriate help for their child, they should make an appointment for a free consultation with Nancy. This is a great service for our community and there isn’t any pressure to enroll in sessions. She always provides suggestions on how to make school therapy more effective and offers tips to parents for home practice. I encourage individuals of any age to get Nancy's opinion before seeking high priced therapy or tutoring.

Melinda Tainton-Brechtel, Occupational Therapist Teeny Tots Therapy, Loomis, CA

Rayleen Nevis, of Rocklin, is equally hopeful about the progress of her son, Brandin Nute, 5. Nute was diagnosed at age 2 with autistic tendencies that only affected his speech. After going from doctor to doctor and being turned away from the Mind Institute because her son's difficulties were not "severe enough," Nevis went to Barcal's office in Roseville.

"We met her and our whole lives changed," says Nevis, who says that Barcal was reassuring, comforting and sincere from the outset.

"These things happen. I think the biggest thing is to get some help and do it early before it turns into a behavior problem," says Barcal. "And to decrease the stress on the parent. I think as parents we feel awfully guilty and beat up on ourselves so much. No one is the perfect parent. Knowing when to ask for help should be encouraged and commended."

At the age of 3, Nute was unable to communicate using words. Frustrated by his lack of communication skills, his mom says he resorted to screaming. For about eight months, Barcal worked with Nute and trained Nevis how to reinforce sessions at home. She even recorded sessions so that Nute could repeat the lessons at home.

"She took him from complete non-verbal to complete communication," says Nevis. "I'll never be able to repay her for what she has done. She's the most kind, generous and gifted person I've ever met."

Two years later, Nevis still sees Barcal on a consulting basis, but says her son is ready to tackle kindergarten next year.

"She's my miracle worker," says Nevis.

From an article in the Granite Bay View; August 2005Autism and Behavior Help

Nancy Barcal is the only Sacramento area speech pathologist authorized to prescribe the SpeechEasy device.

One of the patients she has assisted with the SpeechEasy device is Matt Goodwin, 13, of Rocklin. Goodwin's mom, LeeAnn Goodwin, has noticed a huge change in her son's speech and confidence since being fitted with the SpeechEasy device.

"It allows him to have the confidence to do things he might have avoided before," says Goodwin, who mentions that her son even ran for Student Council last year.

Goodwin says she noticed her son's difficulty with speech as soon as he started talking, but that it got much worse when he had an evaluation at age 6 and became aware of the problem. Although she had brought Matt to a speech therapist and tried many different programs, it wasn't until she saw the device on "Oprah" and contacted Barcal that she seriously considered the device for her son.

Now she says he wears it all the time and his speech is 75 percent better. Although he still has speech therapy in addition to the device, his mom believes he may not always depend on either.

"There is a possibility we caught it early enough that he may not need it as an adult," Goodwin says.

From an article in the Granite Bay View; August 2005SpeechEasy®

Nancy meets your child where they're at - emotionally, developmentally, socially, and physically. She tailors a program to meet the needs of the child rather than using a cookie cutter program that the child must adapt to. Nancy readily suggests other avenues of support where needed and is a wealth of information for resources on how to be the best advocate you can be for your child. I have and will continue to recommend Nancy to other parents looking for real life solutions for their child.

D.H. of Granite Bay, CADyslexia, learning disabilities and memory concerns

My son has autism and we needed him to receive additional Speech Therapy services
beyond what we could receive through the county and the school district.

He started seeing Kim (age 2) with no expressive speech at all, but 12 months later he is now speaking. He is still 6-9 months behind his normal peer group, but he is continuing to make progress weekly.

He is still reluctant to speak at times, but his receptive language skills have increased greatly. Kim helped increase his comprehension skills.

We are very grateful to Kim and Granite Bay Speech for helping our son.

Bryan and Jennifer R

Our daughter Elizabeth has been seeing Kimberli once a week for 7 months. At our first appointment I had no idea what to expect I just knew my almost 3 year old, was barely talking and words she seemed to know one day would disappear from her after a few weeks. That first appointment I learned its words, words, words, Kimberli not only made talking exciting for Elizabeth but she gave me the tools I needed in order to help my daughter when we left our appointment each week. When you are new to all of this having another advocate for your child is like a life line. Kimberli not only empowered Elizabeth she empowered me to help my daughter find her voice. We still have a ways to go but Elizabeth loves to talk now and although we don't understand everything she says going from a silent child to one that wants to sing along to the radio is heaven to my ears and I have no doubt we owe our huge progress to Kimberli.

Thank you so much for helping our daughter!

Becky and Casey, El Dorado Hills, CA

It’s difficult for most neuro-typical people to imagine social skills needing to be learned, much in the way one would study a foreign language. But this is the reality for individuals on the autism spectrum. The social skills class at Granite Bay Speech taught by Kimberli acts as a kind of immersion program for my son in this new language that he is mastering one syllable at a time. I am amazed by how much it helps him and truly inspired by his brave willingness to relinquish his comfort zone week after week.