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After working with different private SLP's in the area, I could not be more impressed with Granite Bay Speech! My 4 year old son has expressive and receptive language delay. Within the first five minutes of watching my son with Chelsea, I knew this place was different. You can feel the passion, recognize the education, all while feeling completely comfortable. Not to mention my son was repeating just about everything she prompted! We will definitely continue attending and will update this review as we progress!

Lindsay B.

GBS has truly changed my life. I went to her as a 12 year old who had horrible stuttering and I needed help from the best. I am now 17 years old and through the help of GBS, I am now about 90% fluent as compared with 30% back in 2012. My therapist helped me work on techniques and made sure I knew everything that I had to do to succeed. She made a personal plan and if you work hard, you will achieve it too. She went above and beyond for her clients. In her office in Granite Bay, she's has some of the best speech therapists in Sacramento also there for guidance. GBS has changed the lives of many people and me being one of them.

Elina G.

Nancy is awesome! She is really knowledgeable about stuttering. Her dedication to stuttering is admirable. Not too many speech pathologists specialize in stuttering in the valley, so it's nice that I was able to go get in contact with her. I got a speecheasy from her to help me with my stuttering. The results from the speecheasy are like night and day. It has helped me be more fluent than ever before. My stuttering is mainly the block kind, so she helped me learn how to get my voice started for the device to help me. Speaking is so much easier now with the speecheasy. I now have fewer blocks and the blocks I do have are so much easier to get over, no one even notices. The results seem to be increasing day by day from the speecheasy as my speaking anxiety decreases and the speecheasy is able to do its job to keep me fluent. If you aren't sure if the speecheasy is for you give Nancy a call and she can explain the speecheasy to you. She is a very nice person and keeps in contact with me about how my speecheasy is working and is happy to answer any questions I have about my speecheasy. Getting the speecheasy is one of the best decisions I've made in my life.

Christian R.

Parents - Do not be distracted by those who tell you to look to your school district for help in dealing with a stutter! It will delay effective treatment and can even compound the problem. Nancy is a rare specialist in her field, and it took me years to find her. If you or a loved one is struggling with a stutter, Granite Bay Speech is the only place to go.

Nancy Barcal is not only best in her field, she is also uniquely qualified to treat stutterers. She has been working with my 9 year-old son for about 6 months now, and has provided him with tools and techniques that have made a huge difference in his ability to speak fluently.

Nancy has also given me tremendous support in understanding the complexities of a stutter and has responded to my questions and concerns with patience and care. She is gifted with an ability to work with stutterers, and her approach and treatment plans are well researched, and based on many years of experience.

Nancy isn't just a great speech therapist, she genuinely cares about the hearts and minds of those coping with a disfluency. She has an intuitive sense of her patients struggles and success, which is what really separates her from the rest. She isn't just an expert in speech pathology, she also cares about the mind, body, and spirit of the person seeking the freedom to be heard.

Melissa W.

The last almost 8 years my son has gone through a lot when it comes to his speech. He's had surgeries to remove his tonsils and adenoids. He's had tubes put it. He has had 4 speech pathologists. Some were great, some were definitely not. Lucky for him his last one was by far the best one. The past 3 years my son has seen Mrs. Lori Barbaccia. She has been the most helpful and caring speech pathologist my son has had. She understands his personality better than most. He looked forward to seeing her and having fun while building on the skills he needs. They enjoyed each other's company and that makes all the difference. She has gotten him to a point where he no longer needs to take speech. His speech will never be perfect but he has worked so hard to get to this point. I am so proud of him and so grateful for Mrs. Lori. She really is a treasure who we will miss seeing every week.

Aurelia S.

My daughters physician recommended Nancy for our daughters (2 1/2 yrs old) stuttering issues. Our little girl tends to be a bit shy but Nancy took the reins and didn't even give our little girl a chance to back away or throw a fit. Instead our little girl was so excited about the session and couldn't wait to meet with her again. In our little girls eye, she thought it was play time but the whole time Nancy was using techniques for smoother speech. Nancy is an excellent therapist! The techniques Nancy taught us has proven to be a great help. Our daughters speech has improved significantly. We are so pleased with the outcome and will be sure to follow up if needed. Not only did she help our little girl but she also advised us on how to deal with other children or adults that noticed the stuttering problems. She has been so informative on so many levels. Nancy takes the time with us on the phone if we have questions or via email, she most definitely goes above and beyond!

Chris A.

When we first brought our 2 year old daughter to Granite Bay Speech, she was using mainly 1-2 word combinations and leaving off the final consonants on most of those words. She just turned 3 and those days seem far behind us now. She's consistently making 5-6 word sentences now, and using her final consonants with many words. I have appreciated how focused our teacher is on our daughter's individual needs, and how often she was able to navigate the behavioral challenge our daughter presented at times in her session. Keeping a toddler focused for 10 minutes, let alone 45 is no easy task. Being patient-focused but willing to modify in the moment has been at the heart of our success with Granite Bay Speech. I have also liked the at-home tools and tips. I highly recommend them.

Rachel M.

My son receives services at Granite Bay Speech. We have had experiences with several therapists and they were all great. We especially love Mike! He is patient with my very active 1st grade son and helps him to stay focused during his sessions. My son was tongue tied and struggles a great deal with articulation. We have seen amazing progress over the past year as Mike has worked with him.

Previous speech therapist (through Kaiser) left my son feeling defeated and frustrated. He always leaves Granite Bay Speech feeling accomplished and ready to try his sounds at home.

I have several other kids who come with me while my son goes to speech therapy. The office is staff are kind and understanding of our situation. They always do everything they can to help all of us be comfortable while we wait.

They are also great at working with IEPs and are supportive and informative to parents throughout the process. I can't recommend them enough!

Julisa P.

I rarely give 5 star reviews. 5 stars is exceptional. Granite Bay Speech is exceptional. Nancy Barcal, Director and licensed speech pathologist, is exceptional. Why? Nancy is at the sweet spot in life. Not a new grad, with head knowledge and limited experience. Not so old, that she's not up to date with current best practices (not that elderly aren't wise, but in health care, you know what I mean :). I just finished an hour long conversation with Nancy, regarding my daughter. I am a nurse. Yet I didn't realize speech pathologists have extensive training in dyslexia. Nancy's own adult children have dyslexia. Nancy combines her clinical background, current research, and personal experience as a mom, to recommend the best approach for your child. She's personable, enthusiastic, caring, extremely knowledgeable and practical. Woo hoo! That's as good as it gets in my book!

I found Granite Bay Speech through the Facebook Inspire Charter School parent group. Granite Bay Speech has been a godsend in addressing my daughter's speech pathology needs. We worked w/ Ms. Paige, who is super sweet and fun. She picked up on several issues, and referred us to Nancy to address. Love their team approach and goal of helping each child individually.

If you've been referred to Granite Bay Speech, or are looking for a group of providers to address the speech/learning needs of your child (or yourself), we're lucky to have GB Speech in our area.

Thank you Nancy, Paige, Johnnie, and the rest of your team, for going above and beyond in helping our family.

Lisa B.

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