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Technologies We Use

Granite Bay Speech uses a number of technologies during therapy sessions as we strive to support our clients and meet their individual needs in the best way possible. We serve our clients with the most up to date and cutting edge technologies to help reach their communication goals.


SpeechEasy is a fluency-enhancing device designed for clients to increase their speech intelligibility. This unique devices uses Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF) and Frequency Altered Feedback (FAF) which allows a client to hear his or her own voice with a slight delay, similar to an echo. It is helpful in reducing a stutter as well as helping clients with Parkinson’s communicate more effectively.

Visit our pages on Stuttering and Parkinson’s to find out more about how SpeechEasy may be useful for you.

Bungalow Software

Created by a speech therapist, this software is designed for unlimited and independent speech and language practice. This software uses evidence-based techniques for faster rehabilitation and can used  by clients both in and out of therapy sessions. Bungalow was specifically designed to address aphasia due to stroke and brain injury, but can also be used for Apraxia, articulation, reading comprehension, auditory processing, speech sound discrimination and thinking/reasoning.


This specialized high tech headset can help clients boost brain function. It uses the power of your own voice to improve memory and help you become a better listener, speaker, and singer. Forbrain was designed for people with attention difficulties, speech and language issues, and poor memory. It can be used for reading aloud, pronunciation and conversation exercises, speech preparation, dictation, and for improving other speech difficulties.


This app provides the user with delayed auditory feedback. This is often used to promote fluency because it sounds to the speaker that they are talking in unison. This app lets users make recordings and play them back.

iPads & Speech-Language Therapy Apps

Using iPads and speech-language therapy apps is a unique and creative way to approach therapy sessions while boosting client engagement. Apps we use are developed by other speech-language pathologists and experts within the field that use evidence-based techniques. These apps are fun and support improving education goals in and out of therapy sessions.

Visit our Educational & Speech Therapy Apps Page to explore a plethora of apps we recommend!

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