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At Granite Bay Speech, we are dedicated to providing all of our clients with the highest quality therapy services. Traditionally, clients have been provided services face to face in our quiet and confidential therapy offices. Now, clients may choose to receive services from GBS anywhere in the world! Modern technology allows us to provide high-quality treatment via teletherapy.

What is Teletherapy?

With teletherapy, consultations and therapy sessions are conducted remotely via a computer with high-speed internet. Using a secure live video chat, clients are able to participate in interactive therapy sessions, and parents are able to communicate privately with their child’s therapist. Teletherapy is endorsed by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

Who Can Benefit from Teletherapy?

A variety of circumstances may lead to a client to choose teletherapy over traditional clinic therapy.


Adults with busy schedules may choose teletherapy to schedule convenient sessions without leaving their home or office. Adults may be able to schedule sessions before work, during lunch or after work to increase speech and language skills without disrupting their daily schedule. Specialists may also be difficult to find for stuttering, cluttering, business communication skills, vocal training, and many other areas. Contact Granite Bay Speech to receive a consult that with help guide your choices in education or career consideration communication needs.


Following are a few scenarios in which a family might opt for teletherapy:

  • Homeschooling families or those with multiple children for whom it is difficult to schedule regular clinic sessions for a single child
  • Children who are ill, homebound or have compromised immune systems
  • Families who live too far to easily travel to a clinic multiple times per month or who have limited access to reliable transportation
  • Children who have anxiety or other needs and are more comfortable receiving treatment in a familiar home setting

An additional benefit to teletherapy for any child is that sessions can be recorded for the child and his or her parents. Replaying a session helps reinforce therapy concepts, making therapy “homework” more productive.

How Does Teletherapy Work?

Teletherapy sessions are scheduled in advance at a convenient time. Once an appointment is scheduled, the client receives an email with a private link to access the virtual room. By clicking the link, the client is connected with the therapist within seconds in a videoconference which is compliant with privacy standards for the client’s safety.

What Age Should My Child Be For Teletherapy?

We do not have age restrictions for teletherapy, however we strongly recommend you carefully consider if this is the best option for your child. Many factors ranging from possible limited attention, parental coaching or recording abilities and others should be reviewed. Granite Bay Speech therapists will consult with you to determine whether this may be a great option to choose.


What is Needed to Participate in Teletherapy?

The technology required for teletherapy is commonly found in households and includes:

  • Computer, iPad, or tablet
  • Webcam (included in iPads and most computers, but can be purchased inexpensively if needed)
  • Headset or ear-buds
  • High-speed broadband internet (minimum of 3Mbps download speed and 1Mbps upload speed)

Are You Ready to Give Teletherapy a Try?

If you believe teletherapy may be right for you, call us at 916-797-3307 or visit our Contact Us page.

Thank you to our dedicated staff and clients for being flexible and resilient!

Granite Bay Speech is an essential service, and we are currently open for business.