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For more than fifteen years, our incredible therapy team has been serving Granite Bay, Roseville, and the greater Sacramento area. We love what we do and we strive to exceed our client’s expectations! Our experienced speech, language and learning professionals create an individualized program just for you. We provide you with an unparalleled level of support. Our therapy is research and evidence based. Improve your communication skills at any age!

Auditory Processing

Auditory skills are more than just a simple hearing test. An Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) is a complex disorder involving auditory deficits. It occurs when a person can hear, but their brain doesn’t process auditory signals accurately. People with APD may have difficulty understanding speech in noisy environments, difficulty following directions, as well as difficulty perceiving the different speech sounds.

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Stuttering and Cluttering

Our therapists have years of experience working with stuttering and cluttering. Nancy Barcal has been recognized locally, nationally and internationally for her high level of expertise in fluency disorders. Granite Bay Speech provides you with techniques and technology based on cutting-edge research.

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I am writing to let you know how grateful we are to Granite Bay Speech for the amazing services you provide! My son Owen has been a client for just over a year and the growth he’s made has been absolutely incredible! Owen began seeing Kim Door after being diagnosed with a speech/language delay, just prior to turning 3 years old. He could barely speak 20 words and refused to mimic or engage in age-appropriate conversation. Life was hard in so many ways because of the large communication gap he experienced. Now, a year after working weekly with Kim, Owen has grown leaps and bounds in not just his speech/language but in his social skills as well. Kim has created a safe, fun and loving environment where Owen is challenged to make progress towards his speech goals each week. She is encouraging, patient and an expert at tailoring each session to Owen’s specific needs and abilities. It is obvious that Kim is not only extremely knowledgeable but enjoys working with children as well. Owen can’t wait for his speech therapy session each week and in fact, I do believe he considers Kim to be a part of our family! 😉 In addition to working with Owen, Kim has also provided my husband and I with countless tools and strategies to use at home in between sessions. I appreciate that together, client, parents and therapist, we have been able to work as a team towards the successes of my son. I couldn’t be happier with the services provided to us through Granite Bay Speech; they truly have been life-changing. I’d highly recommend any one of the fabulous therapists at Granite Bay Speech. We are so thankful to be a client here!

Michelle Leatherman

My teenage son has been seen at Granite Bay Speech for over a year now and we LOVE it so much. Traveling the special ed road in the school system is not easy but his therapist is a rare gem that actually cares about, does research for and spends time planning for her time with my son. She has the biggest heart and cares the most about how to bond with your specific child. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her. She truly has an inner glow and such a gift for connecting to teenagers. So impressed, you cannot go wrong with Granite Bay Speech.

Christie P.

I highly recommend Nancy Barcal at Granite Bay Speech Clinic, located in Roseville California. I attend monthly meetings held by the National Stuttering Association, (NSA) where I first met and often see Nancy. She is very helpful and uplifting and I often leave sessions feeling better than I did when I arrived. It's easy to tell that Nancy has a passion for her work and I recommend her to anybody who is looking to improve their speech fluency.

Mike Pieri. Age 20, Folsom CA.

I take a 3 hour drive to see Nancy Barcal because after meeting with many Speech Therapists during my lifetime there is no one more qualified in the subject of stuttering than Nancy Barcal. I would drive 20 hours to see Nancy that's how certain I am that she is the person who will help me the best. Nancy understands stuttering more than anyone I have ever met. I am very lucky to have met her. She treats me like a person not just a client and that means a lot to me. Her passion and compassion is evident in the way she works with you. Knowing I have Nancy at my side is all the confidence I need to know that if and when my fluency starts to deteriorate she is the just the person to get me back on track so that I can use the techniques necessary to be more in control of my speech.

Noel Ahedo

Nancy meets your child where they're at - emotionally, developmentally, socially, and physically. She tailors a program to meet the needs of the child rather than using a cookie cutter program that the child must adapt to. Nancy readily suggests other avenues of support where needed and is a wealth of information for resources on how to be the best advocate you can be for your child. I have and will continue to recommend Nancy to other parents looking for real life solutions for their child.

D.H. of Granite Bay, CADyslexia, learning disabilities and memory concerns

The reason my daughter started therapy at Granite Bay Speech was because she was diagnosed with having an expressive language disorder. Upon starting speech therapy, she was quickly diagnosed as also having a cluttering disorder. After only a few months of therapy, I am happy that my daughter has made significant improvements with speech that would not have been possible within the school system.Her therapist has been instrumental in helping my daughter achieve progress in such a short time. My daughter gets very upset when she is going to miss a session because she realizes that the therapy is resulting in remarkable improvement. It's hard work for my daughter, but Granite Bay Speech makes it fun and engaging. My daughter actually looks forward to each session even though some sessions are difficult for her!

The professionals at Granite Bay Speech know what needs to be done and how to do it.


My son has autism and we needed him to receive additional Speech Therapy services beyond what we could receive through the county and the school district. He started seeing Kim (age 2) with no expressive speech at all, but 12 months later he is now speaking. He is still 6-9 months behind his normal peer group, but he is continuing to make progress weekly. He is still reluctant to speak at times, but his receptive language skills have increased greatly. Kim helped increase his comprehension skills.

We are very grateful to Kim and Granite Bay Speech for helping our son.

Bryan and Jennifer R

Our daughter Elizabeth has been seeing Kimberli once a week for 7 months. At our first appointment I had no idea what to expect I just knew my almost 3 year old, was barely talking and words she seemed to know one day would disappear from her after a few weeks. That first appointment I learned its words, words, words, Kimberli not only made talking exciting for Elizabeth but she gave me the tools I needed in order to help my daughter when we left our appointment each week. When you are new to all of this having another advocate for your child is like a life line. Kimberli not only empowered Elizabeth she empowered me to help my daughter find her voice. We still have a ways to go but Elizabeth loves to talk now and although we don't understand everything she says going from a silent child to one that wants to sing along to the radio is heaven to my ears and I have no doubt we owe our huge progress to Kimberli.

Thank you so much for helping our daughter!

Becky and Casey El, Dorado Hills CA

It’s difficult for most neuro-typical people to imagine social skills needing to be learned, much in the way one would study a foreign language. But this is the reality for individuals on the autism spectrum. The social skills class at Granite Bay Speech taught by Kimberli acts as a kind of immersion program for my son in this new language that he is mastering one syllable at a time. I am amazed by how much it helps him and truly inspired by his brave willingness to relinquish his comfort zone week after week.

Thanks and regards,


We have had a wonderful experience working with Granite Bay Speech. I was unsure of what to expect from speech testing and therapy for my young adult son. He is very hesitant when it comes to new situations but he actually enjoyed the testing and looks forward to working with his therapist every week. Not only does she help him with social situations and pragmatics, but she has a genuine interest in his overall well-being and concern for his success in adult life. Navigating this special needs territory, especially for a child who was diagnosed so late, has been unfamiliar, scary and isolating. She has connected with my son and given me support. Granite Bay Speech has been a true blessing to us.

Christie Provost

Only the highest praise for Granite Bay Speech! The owner and her staff are exceptional and as caring and competent as they come! We have been with them for the past 7 years and drive an hour each way to have our sessions there once per week. Around the age of 3 our daughter was not progressing with language the way that a typical child might. She was our third child and having never experienced any delays with our other children, we were frightened and reluctantly realized that she needed intervention. We felt guilty and feared that we had waited too long to seek help and that precious time might have been lost. Nancy the owner was there for our assesment and she astounded us with her level of knowledge, expertise, and compassion. She reassured us and explained exactly how they could help our daughter. We have consistently seen progress with zero lapses and have so much confidence in her future. The focus is on the individual needs of the child which also includes tailoring therapy or homework (if desired) to the specific family. Kim has been our primary therapist and is simply amazing! Her energy and skill set are phenomenal!

Lisa B.

My son has been receiving speech in the school system for 2 years with little to no progress. They were ready to graduate him and stop speech services because they didn't understand the problem. We have been seeing Nancy for the last 9 months and I am happy to say that she figured out what the true underlying issue is, and has been making great progress. He will officially graduate in a few months, thanks to her! She is a job to work with and always has new and exciting exercises for my son. The office staff is easy and wonderful as well. We couldn't be happier!

Jordan C.

My family is extremely thrilled with Granite Bay Speech, in particular Kimberli Door, speech pathologist for my grandson, who has autism. Two years ago, he was shy and not very talkative. Under Kim's amazing tutelage, he has blossomed. Kim is very warm, personable, and caring. The sessions include a learning part in which they learn a new skill, such as how to start a conversation, and then a game or activity to reinforce the new skill. All the boys in the group love the sessions and are always thoroughly engaged. The parents and grandparents can hear the squeals and laughter down the hall. The activities are brilliantly crafted to perfectly sync with the lesson. Kim has developed an incredible inventory of these games and activities herself. Einstein may have had the highest IQ (intelligence quotient) but Kim has the highest CQ (Creativity Quotient). She is very impressive and we will always be grateful to her.

S. Merrick

Support For Parents

Is your child behind in a skill or struggling to achieve his or her potential? Do they need targeted therapy to alleviate a trouble spot? At Granite Bay Speech (GBS), we offer free developmental age checklists so you can test your child’s skills in the comfort of your own home. We offer free, no obligation phone consultations to answer your questions and provide research you can trust. We help you navigate school district services as well as insurance coverage.

Support For Clients

Are you falling behind in academics? Are you failing to achieve your professional potential? We use state of the art technology to help you obtain your articulation, fluency, language or social goals. You deserve the best and Granite Bay Speech is here to help you accomplish your goals quickly and easily!

Support For Educators

As an educator, you know that only the bottom 7th percentile of students qualify for school district special education resources. Often, a child needs help but their scores are not low enough to qualify for free school services. As an educator, where do you go for help? We work with you, the district, and parents to provide appropriate services that may not be available in a school district setting.


SpeechEasyPD and Parkinson’s

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Speech Easy

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