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Educational Consulting

Are you a Teacher?

Is your school providing you the support you need? Here at Granite Bay Speech, we want to enable every teacher to be fully equipped to handle students who may have speech or language and learning disorders. We provide educators with individual consultations so that they can properly care for students who may have unique needs.

Despite years of teaching experience, teachers report they lose their voice and struggle to meet the diverse needs of all their students. At times, the stress causes the most dedicated teachers to wonder if they can endure the intensity of another day, month or year of teaching. With an individual consultation, we look for what may be an underlying issue (e.g., Use of the wrong vocal pitch and inadequate breathe support results in jaw, neck and back pain or fatigue)

Are you a Parent?

Many parents find homeschooling to be the best option for their children. If you are teaching a child with speech and language difficulties, our expert staff can consult with you and help guide you in providing the best education tailored for your child’s needs.

Teacher with group of elementary kids

How Can Granite Bay Speech Help Teachers & Parents?

• Prevention of communication disorders through early intervention
• Assessment of students’ communication skills
• Development and implementation of IEPs / Collaberating with school staff and private resources
• Advocacy for teaching practices
• Combine communication goals with academic and social goals
• Increase students’ understanding of texts and lessons
• Individual confidential consultation to problem solve student needs, suggestions to accommodate students with speech, language and learning dissabilities

I highly recommend Nancy at Granite Bay Speech. I attend monthly meetings held by The National Stuttering Association where I first met, and often sees Nancy. She is very helpful and uplifting and I often leave sessions feeling better than I did when I arrived. It's easy to tell that Nancy has a passion for her work & I recommend her to anybody who is looking to improve your speech fluency.

Billy O.

My son receives services at Granite Bay Speech. We have had experiences with several therapists and they were all great. We especially love Mike! He is patient with my very active 1st grade son and helps him to stay focused during his sessions. My son was tongue tied and struggles a great deal with articulation. We have seen amazing progress over the past year as Mike has worked with him.

Julisa P.