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Kindergarten Readiness

Do you know if your child is ready for kindergarten?

More time is spent on the foundation of a successful skyscraper than any other floor. The same holds true for children. Kindergarten is the educational foundation of many of our lives. If a child falls behind early on, then it may have a negative ripple effect throughout the child’s life. Luckily, we now understand why some kids succeed early on and why others struggle.

About 80% ~ 90% of success is related to the child’s ability to communicate.

Every school will have some variation of different skills they want the children in Kindergarten to be able to do. Private schools might have different skills they require for entrance into their school compared to public schools. Also, different areas throughout the country have different requirements depending on location. Check with the school you want your child to attend for specifics.

A lot of private kindergartens have waiting lists to be accepted into their schools so it is important that your child is able to pass any tests they have and is ready to attend kindergarten. Contact Granite Bay Speech to get a screening to see if your child is ready for kindergarten and to get help if they are not.

Kindergarten Readiness