Sensory Integration

Sensory Integration (SI) is the way that our senses (sound, touch, sight, smell, and taste) tell us what is happening in our environment. Problems with Sensory Integration (also called Sensory Process Disorder) occur when the person’s body and brain are unable to take in and interpret these signals.

Although SI commonly occurs in people with learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, language disorders, and those on the autism spectrum, it can also stand alone.

Sensory Integration issues can cause mild to severe problems socially, academically, and behaviorally. The following are characteristics of problems with SI:

  • Distracted by sounds not normally noticed by others; (i.e., humming of lights or refrigerators, fans, heaters, or clocks ticking)
  • Often does not respond to verbal cues or to name being called
  • Appears to “make noise for noise’s sake”
  • Needs directions repeated often, or will say, “What?” frequently

Here at Granite Bay Speech, we understand your child’s needs and strive to create an environment with the appropriate amount of sensory stimulation to increase their learning and language. We also come alongside the parent in helping to re-create that environment at home so the child practice the skills they are learning in therapy.

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