Developmental Milestones: 5-Years

Please fill out this form to help you identify any concerns your child may have in meeting age-appropriate milestones. You will have the option to submit the form and our office will contact you shortly to talk about your concerns.

Note: A printable and downloadable version of this form is available at the bottom of the page

Understand consequences to actionsYesSometimesNot Yet
Tells you his/her birthday and addressYesSometimesNot Yet
Listens attentively to an interesting speaker for at least 15 minutesYesSometimesNot Yet
Uses complicated reasoningYesSometimesNot Yet
Demands increasingly detailed explanations from adultsYesSometimesNot Yet
Expresses his/her feelings verbally and understands humorYesSometimesNot Yet
Voice sounds clear, (not hoarse) and the right pitch for his/her ageYesSometimesNot Yet
Classifies objects by their form, color, use or compositionYesSometimesNot Yet
Knows concepts involving “time”, “more” and “less”YesSometimesNot Yet
Describes a person, place or thing using a sentence length of a 6-8 wordsYesSometimesNot Yet
Describes an object’s color, shape and sizeYesSometimesNot Yet
Recites days of the week and names “penny”, “nickel” and “dime”YesSometimesNot Yet
Names the time of day associated with an activityYesSometimesNot Yet
Understands and uses more words than you can countYesSometimesNot Yet
Asks the meaning of new wordsYesSometimesNot Yet
Uses all speech sounds correctly with the possible exception of the /r/YesSometimesNot Yet
Speech is understood by strangers over 90% of the timeYesSometimesNot Yet
Expresses and answers questions about a story’s plotYesSometimesNot Yet
Express ideas without stutteringYesSometimesNot Yet
Comprehends all question types including “How many?”YesSometimesNot Yet

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If your child is not demonstrating the above developmental skills, contact us to schedule a no-cost phone consultation. It is better to call now, than to “wait and worry”. We will help you determine if your child is experiencing normal variations in development or if your child could benefit from therapy. Often, short term intervention is all that is needed to prevent future social or academic concerns. Submit your checklist and we will shortly contact you or Contact Us and we can schedule a no-cost phone conference with a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist.

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