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Developmental Milestones: 6/7-Years

Please fill out this form to help you identify any concerns your child may have in meeting age-appropriate milestones. You will have the option to submit the form and our office will contact you shortly to talk about your concerns.

Note: A printable and downloadable version of this form is available here: DOWNLOAD FORM

    Listens attentively to an interesting speaker for at least 20 minutesYesSometimesNot Yet
    Uses speech without avoidance, embarrassment or stutteringYesSometimesNot Yet
    Voice sounds clear (not hoarse) and the right pitch for his/her ageYesSometimesNot Yet
    Ability to appropriately start and end conversations with peersYesSometimesNot Yet
    Makes logical relationships (e.g. “She is wearing a swimsuit, so she must be going swimming.)YesSometimesNot Yet
    Answers all questions (what, who, when, where, why, how) accuratelyYesSometimesNot Yet
    Solves problems verbally and argues successfullyYesSometimesNot Yet
    Understands reality versus fantasyYesSometimesNot Yet
    Comprehends subtle humor and giggles about silly thingsYesSometimesNot Yet
    Uses the telephone for social callsYesSometimesNot Yet
    Uses mature vocabulary (e.g. “surprisingly, frightening, disappointing”)YesSometimesNot Yet
    Uses passive sentences forms (e.g. “The bus was hit by the car.”)YesSometimesNot Yet
    Corrects his/her own sentence errorsYesSometimesNot Yet
    Uses mature expressions (e.g. “I want to buy that game, but I don’t have enough money)YesSometimesNot Yet
    Speak without making many grammatical errorsYesSometimesNot Yet
    Uses negation often (e.g. “I won’t go.”)YesSometimesNot Yet
    Speaks clear enough for strangers to understand his/her speechYesSometimesNot Yet
    Ability to say R word when he/she slows speech rate and concentratesYesSometimesNot Yet

    Phone Number (required)

    If your child is not demonstrating the above developmental skills, contact us to schedule a no-cost phone consultation. It is better to call now, than to “wait and worry”. We will help you determine if your child is experiencing normal variations in development or if your child could benefit from therapy. Often, short term intervention is all that is needed to prevent future social or academic concerns. Submit your checklist and we will shortly contact you or Contact Us and we can schedule a no-cost phone conference with a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist.