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Developmental Milestones: 8-Months

Please fill out this form to help you identify any concerns your child may have in meeting age-appropriate milestones. You will have the option to submit the form and our office will contact you shortly to talk about your concerns.

Note: A printable and downloadable version of this form is available here: DOWNLOAD FORM

    Turns toy parts and puts objects in and out of containersYesSometimesNot Yet
    Appears aware of conversationsYesSometimesNot Yet
    Indicates his/her needs by vocalizing instead of only cryingYesSometimesNot Yet
    Uses different types of cries for a variety of needs and emotionsYesSometimesNot Yet
    Reacts to emotional tone of voice (e.g. smiles if you sound happy)YesSometimesNot Yet
    Turns head away from you if he/she does not want somethingYesSometimesNot Yet
    Stops an activity when his/her name is calledYesSometimesNot Yet
    Looks at familiar people and pets when their names are usedYesSometimesNot Yet
    Says word-like utterances using two consonants (e.g. Dada)YesSometimesNot Yet
    Recognizes names of common objects (e.g. "bottle," "blanket") YesSometimesNot Yet
    Discriminates primary caretaker’s voice from a stranger’s voice YesSometimesNot Yet
    Combines consonants and vowels when babbling (e.g. "baba") YesSometimesNot Yet
    Uses long chains of babbled soundsYesSometimesNot Yet
    Imitates speech soundsYesSometimesNot Yet
    Exhibits vocal variations of intensity (e.g. shouts vs. coos)YesSometimesNot Yet
    Sings along with musicYesSometimesNot Yet

    Phone Number (required)

    If your child is not demonstrating the above developmental skills, contact us to schedule a no-cost phone consultation. It is better to call now, than to “wait and worry”. We will help you determine if your child is experiencing normal variations in development or if your child could benefit from therapy. Often, short term intervention is all that is needed to prevent future social or academic concerns. Submit your checklist and we will shortly contact you or Contact Us and we can schedule a no-cost phone conference with a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist.