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FluencyCoach is a free software application that uses Altered Auditory Feedback technology to simulate the effects of “Choral Speech” (speaking simultaneously with another person). It has been known for years that choral speech can promote fluency in a person who stutters, and in some people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease.

In recent years, the application of Altered Auditory Feedback has received a lot of attention as the technology underlying the well-known anti-stuttering device SpeechEasy.

FluencyCoach can be used:

  • To sample the fluency-enhancing benefits of choral speech in the convenience of your own home.
  • For independent, at-home reading and practice.
  • In conjunction with a structured speech therapy program administered by your Speech Language Pathologist.
Fluency Coach
How does Nancy help individuals who want to use the FluencyCoach?

If you have any difficulty using the FluencyCoach software at home, call Nancy. She will help you work with the FluencyCoach software in her office. She will teach you how to modify the pitch as well as the delay to achieve the best results.

How does Nancy support Speech-Language Pathologists who want to use FluencyCoach or learn more about stuttering techniques?

Nancy is happy to collaborate with speech therapists in schools, hospitals and private practices. Therapists can attend Nancy’s workshops to learn how to utilize the latest stuttering technology and techniques. Speech-language pathologists may also attend sessions with their clients in Nancy’s office and she will be happy to guide them on the use of technology. She is happy to support her colleagues in improving their ability to serve their clients.

    What if I notice that the FluencyCoach improves my speech? What is the next step?

    Schedule a consultation with Nancy so she can discuss the options for fluency improvement. You’ll learn a lot in your first one-hour appointment and be happy you consulted with Nancy.

    How do I download a free copy of the FluencyCoach to help with stuttering?

    Log on to to receive downloading instructions.