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Classes for Parents, Teachers and Therapists

Quickly Elevate Your Skills: Explore a Range of Free and Low-Cost On-Demand Classes

Early Intervention  |  Stuttering  |  Articulation  |  Emotional Regulation

We are excited to offer classes for parents, teachers, and therapists to further their education about speech and language skills. Our classes will equip you to provide support for children and teens. These free, low-cost, and On-Demand classes are designed for you to receive expert advice in the comfort of your own home taught by our experienced Speech-Language Pathologists.

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Parent Language Enrichment Class

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Module 1- Narration and Following the Child’s Lead
Discover the art of stepping into your child’s distinctive world and forging meaningful connections. This class empowers you to engage with your little one in a truly impactful manner. Dive into the wonders of narration as a powerful tool to enhance your child’s vocabulary skills, fostering a rich and vibrant language development experience together.

Module 2 – Repeat Expand and Extend
Delve into the art of utilizing this powerful technique to enrich your child’s communication skills in the context of everyday interactions. With hands-on practice and real-world applications during the class, you’ll gain the confidence to seamlessly incorporate these strategies. Our aim is for parents and caregivers to feel not only proficient but comfortable implementing this impactful approach immediately after completing the course.

Module 3 – Choice Questions
Empower your parenting journey with our ‘Choice Questions’ class, where you’ll discover the transformative impact of this powerful technique. Elevate communication with your child while fostering increased confidence, autonomy, and honing problem-solving skills. The ability to make choices not only reduces communicative frustrations but also creates a pathway to enhanced connection. Join us and unlock the potential for enriched parent-child relationships through the art of empowering choices.

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