Free Parent Support Classes

We are so excited to offer FREE classes to help you support your loved ones with their communication or learning difficulties. Receive expert advice in a comfortable and confidential setting.

Parent Support Class Topics:


Behavioral reinforcement, direction following and listening skills.

Communication and Academic Challenges

Expressive and receptive language skills, Aphasia articulation, Apraxia, attention disorders, Autism, Cleft Palate, cluttering, Dyslexia, memory, Parkinson’s, phonics, phonology, reading, sequencing, social language, stroke, stuttering, tongue thrust, Traumatic Brain Injury, vocabulary and voice.


How to advocate for better therapy and how to choose schools, specialists and therapists. Homework support and individual education plans (IEP’s).

Please email or call (916) 797-3307 to reserve your spot in a class!

Let us know which topic you are interested in. Once we have at least 3 adults for a topic, we will hold a class.