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Youth Programs

Classes We Offer

At Granite Bay Speech, we offer individual and group classes to improve speech and language skills. Skills are taught utilizing the latest research based techniques. Fun, interactive play and discussion create a safe, nurturing environment to grow everyday skills. We create a personalized program just for you!

Youth Programs

Individual Therapy

“At Granite Bay Speech, we offer individual classes to improve social language skills. Skills are taught utilizing the latest research based techniques. Fun, interactive play and discussion create a safe, nurturing environment to grow skills. We create a personalized program just for you!”

Group Therapy

At Granite Bay Speech we offer customized solutions for speech and language skills at any age. We offer classes for adults, as well as youth. Perhaps you prefer individual lessons or a customized group; we can help! Let’s work together to create a program that’s right for you! Call us today!

Some classes we offer with Group Therapy

My son has autism and we needed him to receive additional Speech Therapy services beyond what we could receive through the county and the school district. He started seeing Kim (age 2) with no expressive speech at all, but 12 months later he is now speaking. He is still 6-9 months behind his normal peer group, but he is continuing to make progress weekly. He is still reluctant to speak at times, but his receptive language skills have increased greatly. Kim helped increase his comprehension skills.
We are very grateful to Kim and Granite Bay Speech for helping our son.

Bryan and Jennifer R

Our daughter Elizabeth has been seeing Kimberli once a week for 7 months. At our first appointment I had no idea what to expect I just knew my almost 3 year old, was barely talking and words she seemed to know one day would disappear from her after a few weeks. That first appointment I learned its words, words, words, Kimberli not only made talking exciting for Elizabeth but she gave me the tools I needed in order to help my daughter when we left our appointment each week. When you are new to all of this having another advocate for your child is like a life line. Kimberli not only empowered Elizabeth she empowered me to help my daughter find her voice. We still have a ways to go but Elizabeth loves to talk now and although we don't understand everything she says going from a silent child to one that wants to sing along to the radio is heaven to my ears and I have no doubt we owe our huge progress to Kimberli.

Becky and Casey El Dorado Hills CAThank you so much for helping our daughter!

Nancy meets your child where they're at - emotionally, developmentally, socially, and physically. She tailors a program to meet the needs of the child rather than using a cookie cutter program that the child must adapt to. Nancy readily suggests other avenues of support where needed and is a wealth of information for resources on how to be the best advocate you can be for your child. I have and will continue to recommend Nancy to other parents looking for real life solutions for their child.

D.H. of Granite Bay, CA

Nancy has been a guiding light in my sons life since he was 4 ½. John came to Nancy after we noticed that John did not seem to be retaining many concepts (especially the alphabet) during his preschool years. As kindergarten was approaching I began to really pay attention. In the morning he would be shown and worked with a letter for 15 to 20 minutes until he seemed to have a firm grip on its name and sound. Sometimes as soon as hours later we would begin what should have been review of that letter and he would act as if he had never seen it before.When we realized that John was not faking this and it was a recurring theme with everyday things we decided to have him tested for a learning disability. This is when we began our work with Nancy. Immediately she knew just how to bond with John and build his confidence and self esteem. Her therapy strategies have saved John from falling into a world of defeat and instead he understands that he can learn and remember concepts by using some strategies to help him be successful. This is also in part because I did not wait for the school to decide he had a disability. Unless your child has a really severe disability it can easily be missed or considered not bad enough for any intervention. This results in year after year of feeling dumb and embarrassment. Eventually children will accept this view of themselves and it is usually too late. John is entering the 3rd grade and because of Nancy's knowledge, experience and true love of children my son really believes that he is not dumb and that some things take him a little longer. He also knows that he will be successful and is not afraid of the work to get it done. He is so brave! Nancy showed him this and showed me how to as well.

Leisa Hood