Developmental Milestones: 4-Years

Please fill out this form to help you identify any concerns your child may have in meeting age-appropriate milestones. You will have the option to submit the form and our office will contact you shortly to talk about your concerns.

Note: A printable and downloadable version of this form is available at the bottom of the page

Rarely repeats, hesitates or stuttersYesSometimesNot Yet
Points to red, blue, yellow and greenYesSometimesNot Yet
Speaks without avoidance or embarrassmentYesSometimesNot Yet
Points to crosses, triangles, circles and squaresYesSometimesNot Yet
Understands three-step directions, even though objects are not presentYesSometimesNot Yet
Understands “early in the morning”, “next month”, “noontime”YesSometimesNot Yet
Uses imaginary expressions such as “pretend” or “I hope”YesSometimesNot Yet
Asks many questions about the world around him/herYesSometimesNot Yet
Uses four to seven-word sentencesYesSometimesNot Yet
Asks questions using “who” and “why”YesSometimesNot Yet
Uses more complex sentences which include small words (e.g. “is”, “the”)YesSometimesNot Yet
Uses contractions (e.g. “it’s a” or “there’s a”)YesSometimesNot Yet
Uses past tense verbs (e.g. “walked, talked”)YesSometimesNot Yet
Uses many more words than you can count (nearly 1500)YesSometimesNot Yet
Stays with one activity for at least 10 minutesYesSometimesNot Yet
Uses increasingly more difficult words with improved accuracy (e.g. “hamburger, post office, elephant”)YesSometimesNot Yet
Says words like “truck, drum, flag, tree, stop, sleep” correctlyYesSometimesNot Yet
Uses “m, n, ng, p, b, t, d, k, g, f, h, w, y, s, sh, ch” correctlyYesSometimesNot Yet

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If your child is not demonstrating the above developmental skills, contact us to schedule a no-cost phone consultation. It is better to call now, than to “wait and worry”. We will help you determine if your child is experiencing normal variations in development or if your child could benefit from therapy. Often, short term intervention is all that is needed to prevent future social or academic concerns. Submit your checklist and we will shortly contact you or Contact Us and we can schedule a no-cost phone conference with a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist.

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