Speech / Articulation

What are speech skills?

Articulation skills are most commonly referred to as speech skills. Articulation refers to the process of two areas of the body touching to form speech sounds. When we speak a set of very complex and coordinated movements allow us to form sounds which are understood by others. More than one hundred muscles have to contract and relax to begin and end each syllable.

Why do some people have trouble saying speech sounds clearly?

Individuals may mishear sounds due to permanent or fluctuating hearing loss. Frequent ear infections may cause inconsistent sound perception. Other individuals may be tongue-tied, have dental or jaw problems, structural problems, cleft palate, motor speech disorders, apraxia, or neurological injury or diseases. Often the origin of speech difficulties is unknown.

What are some types of speech errors?

Speech or articulation errors occur when sounds are omitted, distorted, or substituted. When an individual omits, distorts, or substitutes sounds, their speech may sound garbled or slurred. Adults who misarticulate sounds may not feel confident in social or business situations. Individuals at school, work, and in social situations may converse less with a person who is difficult to understand.

What can adults do to improve their speech?

It’s never too late to change the way you speak. Maturity and motivation often counteract long established speech muscle patterns. Speech sounds and accents may be transformed through individualized, confidential sessions at Granite Bay Speech.