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“Are we there yet???” Summertime is here and road trips are upon us. We know family vacations can be a mix of fun and chaos. We want to provide you with some ideas on how to make that family vacation road trip a little more productive than responding to the never-ending question of “ARE WE THERE YET?”.

Time in the car is valuable and we encourage you to utilize it! Car ride games are great for speech and language learning opportunities.


I Spy…
How To Play:
Say “I see/spy____.” Then, take turns finding the object the other person saw. Add some extra language opportunities by expanding on what your child saw. For example, if your child says “I see a tree.” Say, “I see a tree, a big green tree.“

What It Works On: Vocabulary development, turn-taking, 3+ word phrases


Sound Game

How To Play: Name an object or animal and have your child make the appropriate sound. You can also switch it up and make a sound and have your child guess what the sound is!

What It Works On: Vocabulary, describing, turn-taking



How To Play: 

Someone in the car says the name of an object they see outside. Then, take turns naming words that rhyme with that object.

What It Works OnRhyming. Rhyming is an important pre-literacy and phonological awareness skill.


We hope you have fun! Let us know how it goes!