What is the FluencyCoach?

Fluency Coach
FluencyCoach is a software program provided by SpeechEasy® that you may download for free on your personal computer to get a feel for the effect of Altered Auditory Feedback (AAF) and choral speech. Altered Auditory Feedback technology simulates the effects of “Choral Speech” (speaking simultaneously with another person).

The FluencyCoach software is similar to the software built into SpeechEasy® devices but does not offer the portability, the flexibility, or the programming capabilities of SpeechEasy® devices.

After you try the FluencyCoach at home on your personal computer, we strongly recommend a complimentary one-hour appointment in our office or by phone so that we can provide guidance about using AAF to improve achieve definitive long-term fluency improvement.

Note from FluencyCoach:  Keep in mind that if you do not see immediate effects, that does not necessarily mean AAF does not work for you. Instead, you may want to consult with a speech-language pathologist (SLP) regarding your stuttering in general and how FluencyCoach can work with various fluency strategies.

How do I download a free copy of the FluencyCoach to help with stuttering?

Log on to FluencyCoach.com to receive downloading instructions. FluencyCoach support is available on their site.

To learn more about SpeechEasy® or to receive a free information packet, visit their website:  www.speecheasy.com.


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