Spring into Fluency with this great deal!

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Spring Into Fluency!

Spring is the season of renewal – and it’s the perfect time to stop, reflect, and reassess where you are with your goals.  If improving your fluency is one of those goals, we can help!

For a limited time SpeechEasy is offering a $500 discount on ANY SpeechEasy model, AND a $250 rebate on your SpeechEasy evaluation.  That’s a combined $750 in savings!  There has never been a better time to take the next step in reaching your goals.

These amazing offers end on July 15th, so act fast.

Contact us at Granite Bay Speech for more information!





Forbrain is now available at Granite Bay Speech!

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Forbrain is Now available at Granite Bay Speech!

Improve three critical speech and language areas with one device! Forbrain is a device which helps to improve your attention, speech, and memory. Forbrain helps children and adults develop their talents and potential by using their voice.

Why use Forbrain?


Forbrain’s dynamic filter trains the brain to be more attentive, improving not only attention, but auditory processing and sensory integration.


Forbrain helps individuals improve speech fluency, pronunciation, sound discrimination and rhythm, resulting in clearer and more effective communication.


Forbrain helps to improve short term memory, which impacts reading, writing and even chatting.

How does it work?

Bone conduction

Bone conduction transmits the sound of your own voice 10 times faster and with greater clarity than air conduction.

Dynamic filter

The dynamic filter enhances specific frequencies of speech and constantly surprises the brain to increase memory, attention and sensory processing.

Auditory Feedback Loop

Forbrain corrects the way you hear your own voice leading to better speech production and increased confidence.


What are people saying about Forbrain?

“By hearing their own voice, they gained confidence in speaking words out loud”

“After some weeks of use of Forbrain, there is definitely a difference in the clarity of his speech”

“I have seen tremendous improvement in her reading comprehension and reading rhythm”

“Forbrain has been a very successful tool and consider it such a blessing to our family!”


Want to give Forbrain a try?

At Granite Bay Speech, we are committed to utilizing the latest research based techniques and technology to help advance speech and language skills at any age. We have researched Forbrain and believe this is a wonderful tool to improve attention, speech and memory skills.

Forbrain is now available to purchase and use independently at home OR use in your sessions at Granite Bay Speech! Contact us to learn more about the opportunity to improve your attention, speech and memory skills.

Email us at

Call us at 916-797-3307

Let’s Talk Fluency!

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Young Professional Woman standing with team smiling

Let’s Talk Fluency promotion: $500 Discount on SpeechEasy Comfort Fit model
The Let’s Talk Fluency offer begins March 3, 2017. During this promotion, SpeechEasy Comfort Fit models will be reduced in price by $500. Comfort Fit is the model preferred by over 80% of our SpeechEasy clients. SpeechEasy’s 0% financing option is also available during this special offer period.

This offer ends June 30, 2017. Let’s talk about YOUR fluency now. No coupon or special form is necessary in order to qualify for the savings.


Let’s Talk Fluency evaluation rebate offer $150
In addition to the product discount during the Let’s Talk Fluency promotion SpeechEasy is offering a $150 evaluation rebate during this promotional period. The rebate is valid for evaluations by Nancy Barcal at Granite Bay Speech between the dates of Feb. 16th, 2017 and June 30, 2017 only. To receive your rebate, simply request an appointment or information packet through the SpeechEasy website and the rebate form will be mailed or emailed to you.

Below is what you NEED to know:

  1. The promotion will be good for Comfort Fit purchases made between March 3, 2017 and June 30, 2017.
  2. During this time, the price of a Comfort Fit device is $4000, a $500 savings
  3. Clients can take advantage of the 0% Interest payment plans
  4. The offer cannot be combined with any other discount
  5. The evaluation rebate is $150 for any new SpeechEasy evaluation


That’s it! We hope this offer allows more clients’ access to SpeechEasy. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 916-797-3307 or and we’ll be happy to help!


Let’s Talk Fluency at Granite Bay Speech!

Superhero Social Skills

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At Granite Bay Speech, we are offering group classes to improve social language skills. This class will include two 60 minute Superhero themed sessions. Skills are taught utilizing the latest research based techniques.

Social Skills Groups           Ages 6-15

In the following social skills groups, students are taught how to interact appropriately with peers and through Superhero themed games and roleplaying.

For a limited time, we are offering these classes at $40 per session! Sign up today for this great deal!


Justice League! Ages 6 to 9

Goals for this group may include: social rules, conversation starters, facial expressions, turn-taking, understanding feelings, body language, personal space, manners, non-verbal skills, understanding expressions, humor and sarcasm.


Avengers! Ages 10 to 15

Goals for this group may include: conversation starters, friendship building, body language, facial expressions, repairing communication breakdowns, manners, humor and sarcasm, social rules, and personal space.


Call us at 916-797-3307 or visit us online at

SpeechEasy Season of Giving

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Season of Giving Offer- Limited Time! Get $750 off the two most popular SpeechEasy models
November 1, 2016 – January 31, 2017

To help make the holidays a lot brighter, SpeechEasy has made their two most popular models of SpeechEasy more affordable. During this special time of year get $750 off the SpeechEasy Comfort Fit or CIC models. This is a limited time offer. If the Comfort Fit or CIC isn’t the right option for you, you’ll be glad to know that our most economical models, the ITC and BTE, are discounted $250 during this promotional period as well. Remember, these offers are good for SpeechEasy devices purchased between Nov. 1, 2016 and Jan. 31, 2017.

Get started now because our appointments at Granite Bay Speech fill up quickly during this time of year. Contact us soon!

Season of Giving evaluation rebate offer-Limited Time!
In addition to the product discount during the Season of Giving, SpeechEasy is offering a $250 evaluation rebate during this promotional period. The rebate is valid for evaluations by Granite Bay Speech between the dates of November 1, 2016 and January 31, 2017 only. To receive your rebate, simply request an appointment or information packet through and the rebate form will be mailed or emailed to you. This offer ends January 31, 2017. Rebate forms for this amount will be unavailable after that date.

Military Discount

Active duty US Military personnel are eligible for our special military discount.


CONTACT US TODAY! Call us at 916-797-3307

Smart Palate

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SmartPalate System

 kim giana smart palate

At Granite Bay Speech, we provide our clients with the most advanced technology in speech therapy!

The SmartPalate System shows the students exactly where their tongue is supposed to touch their palate when producing different speech sounds. This biofeedback system consists of a customized acrylic mouthpiece with sensors that capture tongue-to-palate contact (the SmartPalate) and a software program.  Immediate feedback is provided to all users matching their tongue placement to the articulation patterns for their target sounds. These “tongue targets” allow speech therapy students to quickly produce sounds they have previously struggled with by simply positioning their tongue to light up the corresponding contact points for that sound. The SmartPalate assists the student to repeat sounds accurately time and time again with instant feedback that empowers the students to make even the most fine-tune adjustments on their own.

The SmartPalate quickly corrects articulation errors where the tongue makes contact with the roof of the mouth. These sounds include the most commonly treated sounds:  /r, s, l, sh, ch, k/ and among others.

The SmartPalate technology has been successfully used with many populations including individuals with oral motor disorders, phonological disorders, cleft palate, Down syndrome, Apraxia, Dysarthria, and speech disorders caused by stroke or traumatic brain injuries.

Contact us for more information at 916.797.3307 or



NSSLHA Conference: (Culture Communication & Collaboration)

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Granite Bay Speech’s own Nancy Barcal is a highlighted speaker at this years NSSLHA Conference!

NSSLHA is excited to announce our 11th annual conference; Culture, Communication & Collaboration on February 21, 2015. The conference will be held at:

University Union, Hinde Auditorium 
University of California, Sacramento
6000 J Street
Sacramento CA


Saturday, February 21, 2015 from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM (PST)

Nancy has over 30 years of experience working with stuttering and cluttering. She has been recognized locally, nationally and internationally for her high level of expertise. She provides you with techniques and technology based on cutting edge research.

Stuttering therapy has improved tremendously over the past ten years. Nancy’s GraniteBaySpeech therapy center has changed with the technology and improvements to bring you the 21st century therapy to an age old stuttering or cluttering challenge.

You may purchase tickets at:
Our speech team looks forward to seeing you there!


NSSLHA Officers

Time Ordered Agenda for CCC- Culture, Communication, Collaboration

7:00-7:50 am Registration and Breakfast

7:50-8:00 am Welcome
o Kelly Charest NSSLHA President
o Robert Pieretti, Ph.D., CCC-SLP Chairman, Dept. SLP&A at CSUS

8-9:30 am Breakout Session I- Stuttering and Cluttering: Identification, Treatment and Technology’
Nancy Barcal, M.A. CCC-SLP Director, Granite Bay Speech
o Referral Recommendations for Stuttering and Cluttering
o Therapy Techniques including Video Samples
o Use of Technology and Apps to facilitate best outcomes in stuttering treatment

9:30-9:40 am Break

9:40-10:40 am Breakout Session II- Evaluation and Eligibility Determination for English Learners
Maret Wilson, M.A. CCC-SLP
o Facts and Figures
o Understanding Bilingualism
o Professional Responsibility
o Evaluation Methods

10:40-10:50 am Break

10:50-11:50 am Breakout Session III- C-CHAT Center
Laura Turner, M.A. CCC-A, M.Ed.
o Newborn hearing screening
o Communication options for children with hearing loss
o Listening and spoken language as a communication option
o Services at the CCHAT Center Sacramento
ü Role of audiologist
ü Role of the SLP
ü Role of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher
o Appropriate expectations
o Understanding of the Listening Hierarchy
o Red flags
o Current research

12-1:00 pm Lunch Break

1:10-2:10 pm Breakout Session IV- NeuroService Alliance: Providing services for the community through
interprofessional experiential learning
Darla Hagge, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
o Greetings and introduction
o Current and future healthcare directions
ü Medicare
ü WHO: community-based services and alternative service delivery models
o Social and medical models
o Policies: LPAA, Joint Commission, ASHA Scope of Practice
o Experiential Learning, definition
o NeuroService Alliance: Current programs
o Student Learning Outcomes
o Current and Future Research
o Questions

2:10-2:20 pm Break

2:20-3:20 pm Breakout Session V- Apple Panel on Apps
o Speakers and Agenda TBA

3:20-3:30pm Break

3:30-5:00pm Breakout Session VI- Teaching Resiliency and Teamwork through Interprofessional Education
Nassrine Noureddine RN, MSN, Ed.D; Darla Hagge Ph.D., CCC-SLP;
William Ofstad Pharm.D., BCPS, CDE; Debra Brady DNP, RN, CNS
o Greetings and introduction
o IPEC and Resiliency: Definition, purpose, historical context
o Collaboration: Nursing, SLP, and Pharmacy
o Teaching Pedagogies: Didactic, Simulation, Group-based learning
o Student Learning Outcomes
o Current and Future Research
o Questions
5-5:30pm Conclusion and Raffle


Welcome Our Newest Member – Kimberli Hyzdu

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We are happy to announce the addition of a wonderful new therapist – Kimberli Hyzdu, (pronounced HI-Z-DO).
(To make it easy to remember the pronunciation pretend you’re saying hi to someone, add a Z sound and then say do).

Kimberli is a registered Speech-Language Pathology Assistant and has been working in the field since 2011. She graduated with her Bachelor of Science Degree in Speech – Language Pathology and Audiology – from California State University of Sacramento.

Immediately after graduation, she began the Speech- Language Pathology Assistant program. She has experience in a wide variety of speech, language, and hearing disorders. She has successfully worked with all of the following:

– Autism Spectrum
– Asperger’s
– Apraxia
– Articulation
– Attention Deficit
– Auditory Processing
– Developmental Delays
– Neurogenic Disorders
– Sensory / Social and Behavioral challenges

Kimberli has also had 4 years of education in American Sign Language and enjoys incorporating it into therapy as needed.

She truly enjoys working with both adults and children and is compassionate, skilled, and dedicated to our field.
Kimberli has acquired specialized skills working with the early intervention population, (0-3). Her use of creative activities keeps the little ones engaged and learning naturally through play.

She provides excellent carryover activities for parents to easily transfer skills to the home. She is equally skilled working with youth and adults using individualized programs with proven therapeutic outcomes. Kimberli is passionate about helping individuals with communication difficulties by providing life-improving speech services to them with personal warmth, and professionalism.

Kimberli will be joining us October 6, 2014!

Be sure to say hello to Kimberli Hyzdu!

SpeechBuddies with Granite Bay Speech!

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Nancy Barcal is one of the first Licensed Speech-Language Pathologists to be featured on Speech Buddies Connect. Nancy has been using the speech buddy tools since 2010 to speed progress in therapy and save families money.

Speech Buddies are a set of revolutionary tools to help children overcome speech difficulties. By teaching correct tongue positioning for the five most difficult sounds – R, S, L, CH, and SH – children learn and feel how to correct a problem sound. Speech Buddies were designed by a team of expert speech-language pathologists and engineers from MIT & Columbia Universities.

Check out the Speech Buddy site below to read more about their helpful tools:

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