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Confident Kids – The Most Effective Communication Style

By January 18, 2014September 22nd, 2020Social Skills

Confident Kids – The Most Effective Communication Style

Passiveness, aggressiveness, and assertiveness – These are three main forms of communication styles. Most people engage in one of these three styles when interacting with others. Even though we may use these three styles interchangeably throughout our lives, most of us tend to prefer one form over another. However, it’s been shown that the most effective way to communicate comes down to one style – assertiveness.


Do you feel that your child isn’t confident or is too aggressive in his/her communication style? Many children struggle with being assertive, but the struggle doesn’t have to continue. Assertiveness can be learned. Lisa M. Schab, a clinical social worker, has written a wonderful workbook for children and parents entitled Cool, Calm and Confident: A Workbook to Help Kids Learn Assertiveness Skills. In this book, children (aged 6-12) learn the following skills: how to stand up for themselves without being too aggressive, self-confidence techniques, effective communication skills, management of feelings (such as anger), and how to build self-esteem, positive thinking and social skills.

This book utilizes a child-friendly format to address an important topic that is often overlooked in school settings. Assertiveness training is a valuable life skill that helps develop confident kids. If you would like your child to start learning these invaluable skills, sign up now for our Social Language Groups


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