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Superhero Social Skills

By November 21, 2016September 21st, 2020Promotions


At Granite Bay Speech, we are offering group classes to improve social language skills. This class will include two 60 minute Superhero themed sessions. Skills are taught utilizing the latest research based techniques.

Social Skills Groups           Ages 6-15

In the following social skills groups, students are taught how to interact appropriately with peers and through Superhero themed games and roleplaying.

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Justice League! Ages 6 to 9

Goals for this group may include: social rules, conversation starters, facial expressions, turn-taking, understanding feelings, body language, personal space, manners, non-verbal skills, understanding expressions, humor and sarcasm.


Avengers! Ages 10 to 15

Goals for this group may include: conversation starters, friendship building, body language, facial expressions, repairing communication breakdowns, manners, humor and sarcasm, social rules, and personal space.


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