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Promote language skills in toddlers using fun Bluebee Pals!

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What is cute, educational, and a great model for your child? A Bluebee Pal! Bluebee Pals are an easy to use Bluetooth stuffed animal that connects to your devices. At Granite Bay Speech, we understand that every child has a preferred mode of learning. Some children prefer learning visually, verbally, or physically. When our therapists use a Bluebee Pal, your child will be stimulated visually, verbally and physically. Visually, and verbally your child will watch and hear multiple models of their targeted goal through the therapist and the Bluebee Pal. Our Bluebee Pal is soft and durable, perfect for your ‘hands on’ learner! Your child is encouraged to be hands on with this therapy tool. Studies have shown that children have a higher success rate for imitation when given multiple models. We connect our Bluebee Pal to cutting-edge speech-language therapy applications providing an attention-grabbing model in conjunction with therapist models. At Granite Bay Speech, we promote communication skills using the most effective therapy techniques and technology! Call us to learn more about all the exciting methods and tools available for you to use with your child!


Nancy Barcal Volunteers for Sac State Speech Pathology Students

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The current National Stuttering Association newsletter gives Nancy Barcal a shout-out for her part in Sacramento State’s recent National Student Speech Language Hearing Association conference.

Nancy, an expert on stuttering and cluttering, spoke to the speech pathology students about how to provide the best care for clients who stutter. She represented NSA’s Sacramento/Roseville Chapter, which she co-leads.

The university often relies on Nancy’s expertise to help train its speech pathology students, and Nancy has been unstinting in donating her time and money to the Sac State program.

She frequently rearranges her office schedule to speak to classes – both undergraduate and graduate – and she invites students to her office for valuable free training with real clients in a clinical setting. Her students have joined her at NSA meetings and participated with her in health fairs and speech and language conferences.

Through Nancy, these students gain experience with the difference types of stuttering and people of all ages who stutter.

Supporting future speech pathologists is just one of Nancy’s community commitments to helping people who stutter. She is a co-founder, with Roseville Theatre Arts Academy, of Kids Speaking Out, which has the dual purpose of (1) decreasing bullying because of stuttering and (2) providing children with opportunities to speak in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

Many children who have speech problems are able to speak fluently when performing on stage. Contact Nancy if you want your kids to participate in Kids Speaking Out or assist students enrolled in the program.

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