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It’s the end of August and many of us are still under “stay at home” orders. Not only are we bored of doing the same thing everyday… but our kids are bored too! Every day we eat, sleep, bathe, and repeat! Today we are talking about making a splash in the tub! Kids learn new vocabulary through their daily activities.⁣.. and there are endless language opportunities with bath time! When your child is in the bath, it is a great time to teach for many reasons… but specifically, they can’t go very far! You won’t be chasing them around the house!

Here are a few examples to boost expressive language while playing in the bath.

  • Talk about your child’s different body parts as you wash them. See if your child can name their body parts as you pour water on them.
  • Have your child find and name all of the yellow toys, red toys, blue toys etc…
  • Help your child to count how many toys they have
  • Load up the tub with extra bubbles and use words like “Pop, Blow, Up, Down, Big, Small, More, Splash”

If you are thinking, “Bath time is my one time a day where they play quietly and I can relax”… it’s okay! We understand, and you deserve some quiet time. We just encourage you to take a few moments to make a splash and increase some language learning opportunities. Have fun!