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Frontloading… Have you tried it?


Now that the school year has started, you may be feeling overwhelmed… These are common feelings, however, we have tips to help manage the stress.

Have you heard of, or tried frontloading (pre-teaching)?  Frontloading is presenting basic information to your child about what they will be taught throughout the school year.

Frontloading has shown to help students maximize their time in the classroom by giving them just enough information so they understand the vocabulary and helps them to have a grasp on the information being presented. This can help reduce stress throughout the year.

We often frontload in our own lives without even realizing it. Many times we will watch a movie trailer or read the back cover of a book to gain more information before jumping into it. It helps us to recognize characters, plot, setting and gives a little foundation for what we are about to experience. Frontloading for our children is very similar.

As parents and teachers, we do not want to teach the entire lesson before students enter the classroom, instead give them a foundation. We encourage you to make frontloading a fun and engaging experience that students enjoy, rather than a long list of vocabulary words.

We have attached a website from the California Department of Education that has links to grade-level standards and curriculum.

We hope this information has been helpful! Please let us know if you have any questions! Always feel free to visit our website or call us.