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How can I help improve my child’s reading fluency?

We have been asked a lot of questions about reading lately. Parents all over the United States have quickly become their children’s main educator. There are hands-on ways to teach math, science, and some history… but what about reading? We have some tips to help you improve your child’s reading abilities.

  • Model Fluent Reading: Choose something to read that is easy to understand by your child and read it effortlessly and with expression to model what fluency sounds like.
  • Talk about Punctuation: Explain to your child what to do when reading each punctuation out loud (raising pitch at the end of sentences with question marks, pausing when there is a period, getting more loud or high pitch with exclamation marks, etc.)
  • Have your Child Read the Text Back to You: After modeling fluency by reading a text, have your child read the same text out loud back to you, giving them praise and help as they go along until they become fluent with it.
  • Read the Text with Your Child: Reading a text at the same time as your child (in unison) is another great way to practice reading fluency. If your child is unable to, the text is too hard and you should try something easier.
  • Have your Child Read Along with a Book on Tape: Have your child listen to the tape and point to the words as they hear them being read. The next time, encourage your child to read along.

We hope you found this information to be helpful and useful. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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