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How to Effectively Communicate with People Who Stutter

Have you ever talked to someone who stutters? Did you know the best way to respectfully respond to them? We are here to help! 

Granite Bay Speech has developed bookmarks and wallet cards that you can share to help spread awareness in your community. Each bookmark and wallet card outlines 5 tips to effectively communicate with people who stutter to ensure that all communication experiences are good experiences. These can be shared with classmates, friends, family members and teachers that may be unaware of some actions that might lead to a communication breakdown with a person who stutters.

Tips To Effectively Communicate With People Who Stutter (PWS):

1. Do not make remarks like: “Slow down,” “Take a breath,” or “Relax.” Such simplistic advice can be felt as demeaning.

2. Listen attentively and respond to what he or she says — not how they say it. Telephone conversations may be especially difficult for PWS.

3. Use natural eye contact, wait patiently until the person is finished talking.

4. Do not finish sentences or fill in words for the person who stutters.

5. Speak calmly using pauses and an upbeat, pleasant tone of voice.  Smile.

Additional information:


Follow the link below to grab your FREE bookmarks and wallet cards! Over 240 have already been downloaded by people in the community! Jump on board and help spread awareness!


Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!