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Let’s Talk about a Box!

Let’s Talk about a Box!

We know we can’t be the only ones that receive shipments weekly (or daily)! Amazon, Target, Hello Fresh… you name it, they deliver!

With everyone trying to do their part by staying home more often, the online shopping industry has been booming!

We understand that many times it can feel like you have to always buy the newest and greatest toys and gadgets to help your children learn. Receiving packages can be a speech and language opportunity… and it won’t require you to spend more money than you were already planning!

Instead of opening the door and grabbing your package quietly… talk through the whole process!

“Look! There is a BIG TRUCK outside!”

“The man has a BOX”


“HI” and “THANK YOU”

“Is that a BIG box or a SMALL box?”

“Is it LIGHT or HEAVY?”

“What do you think is in the BOX?”

“OPEN the box”

“Take it OUT”


Awesome job! Don’t stop there…Now that you have an empty box, you can continue building speech and language skills! ⁠

An empty box can be a car, a tent, a spaceship, a boat… you name it! You use your imagination and your voice!

Here are some ideas and concepts to help increase language development: