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Pick up the Toys and Put down the Cards


Pick up the toys and put down the cards! Let us tell you why. We love to use objects instead of picture cards with young children. Pictures only provide visual support, they become boring very quickly. Have you ever hugged a picture card? Probably not. Objects are more engaging because they connect many areas of the brain including tactile, texture, emotions, eye contact, turn-taking, body movement, and interactive spontaneous play. Notice how the young girl is not very excited while talking about the pictures. She is bored after using only a few cards. As the video continues, watch how her face lights up and she spontaneously starts moving and talking about the objects when she holds them!

Children connect with objects better than pictures and learning is fun! Incorporate as many senses as possible when trying to teach. It makes the learning experience more engaging for both you and the child.

Don’t kill the love of learning by drilling your young child with picture cards.

When teaching young children, use objects and movement to support speech and language skills.

At Granite Bay Speech, we believe in making communication successful by using age-appropriate techniques.

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