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Valentines Day Speech Therapy

Valentines Day is right around the corner! Whether your child is in school or at home learning– you’re bound to find some conversation candy hearts laying around!

Here are some fun ideas for Speech Therapy at home using conversation candy hearts!

Are you a fan of the conversation candy hearts? Personally, I am not. I have used them every year in therapy because they are one candy that doesn’t actually tempt me! Another great thing about these candies is that they are relatively inexpensive, not messy, small, easy to manage and so many fun colors!

Here are some speech therapy ideas you can use at home!


Sort them by color, words, or beginning letters depending on which skill level your child is at.


Help your child read the words on the hearts. Make sure to really focus on the specific sounds your child is working on. Working on /S/?

First, have them help you find all the hearts with an /S/ on them. Next, try to read each heart… maybe they will get to eat it if they say it correctly!

Conversation Skills

Have your child pick a few hearts and use them as practice for conversation starters. See how many turns you can take in a conversation. Have fun with it – maybe pretend to be a friend from school, or have them try to use it with a sibling.


Happy {almost} Valentines Day!